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  • Alex Yiu/ 姚少龍

  • 10:41AM, 09/18/2013

  • Block 7, Beverly Garden富康花園7座

  • 2'34"/TASCAM DR-40/Handheld手持錄音

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Day-to-day at the Beverly Garden/ 富康花園之日常


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Hoi Ming Court‧Clarity no more/ 海明閣‧不再澄明

  • Interview: Chan Pui -yee, Choi Yu-tin, Chung Nga-yan, Tang Wai-man and Tang Kwok-hin
    採訪: 陳佩怡、蔡雨田、鍾雅欣、吳詠琳、鄧慧敏及鄧國騫

  • 10:00AM-2:00PM, 02/13/2013

  • Pokfulam village

  • SONY IC Recorder: ICD-PX333M, Recorder placed on the table/ 錄音筆置放桌上

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At first, I got to know about Pokfulam village obliguely through the book Pokfulam Village: a Historical Settlement under Victoria Peak. Then, by observing on-site and interviewing people, we were able to sense the discrepancy between the character of the people described in the book and the interviewees we met, as well as the cruelty of the reality.


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Cindy Chu


Mr. Ngai/ 魏先生


Boss Chu/ 朱老闆


Mr. Wong/ 黃先生


We (the Radio Drama Team)
visited Pokfulam Village,
had tea (Cantonese:yum cha) in the village
and recorded the ambient sounds on site.
The reconstruction of impressions, imagination, and reality,
and what lies between development and conservation can inspire a kind of thinking that is finer than we thought.


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Say it Right/ 好好說


Acupuncture Point for Drifting/ 漂流穴


The Days in Pokfulam Village/ 在薄扶林村的日子


Word Chain/ 接龍