“Every day, in this city there are always some things or other quietly bidding us farewell, then gradually disappearing” —— Xi Xi “My City”

Every day, we go through our seemingly identical routines, but after a while, in hindsight, we realize that something is different in our daily lives. We might not be able to concretely identify the differences or put a date on the change. Such things happen without one noticing …

Sound Scoop @ Garden Estate shares with you the everyday sounds collected by different sound collectors in their homes, and invites you to search for a “listening menu” in Cheung Wing Cafe in the neighbourhood to explore the soundscape in a Hong Kong-style cafe.

:: Programme details ::
1.3.2023 – 2.4.2023
@  Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service
Address: G/F, Pak Ling Lau, 251 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong
@ Cheung Wing Cafe (7am – 11pm)

Address: G/F, 245-247 Ngau Tau Kok Road, Kwun Tong

「在這個城市裡,每天總有這些那些,和我們默然道別,漸漸隱去。」—— 西西 《我城》


細聲公 @ 花園大廈與你分享不同採聲人在家收集的日常聲音,並邀請你到花園大廈的祥榮茶冰廳尋找一張「聆聽菜單」,探索茶餐廳的日常聲境。

:: 活動詳情 ::
1.3.2023 – 2.4.2023
@ 循道衛理觀塘社會服務處
@ 祥榮茶冰廳(7am – 11pm)