Tag: Fire Dragon

  • Matt Chau

  • 8:30PM , 09/18/2013

  • Tai Hang, Wu Sha Street/ 大坑,浣紗街

  • 6’16”/2’ 6” / 0’ 52”/ 0’ 43”/ 0’25”/ 0’ 45”/ 1’ 11” / YV-150/ Handheld手持錄音

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Story of Tai Hang/ 大坑故事


People talking in music/ 人們在音樂下交談


Take a break and be a bit quiet/ 稍休片刻 並安靜一會


Waiting in a ceremony/ 在儀式中等候 01


Waiting in a ceremony/ 在儀式中等候 02


Take him to the police/ 把他交給警察


All lay down/ 所有人蹲下


Finally comes/ 最後來了


Leaving excitingly/ 興奮地離去

  • Interview: Chan Pui -yee, Choi Yu-tin, Chung Nga-yan, Tang Wai-man and Tang Kwok-hin
    採訪: 陳佩怡、蔡雨田、鍾雅欣、吳詠琳、鄧慧敏及鄧國騫

  • 10:00AM-2:00PM, 02/13/2013

  • Pokfulam village

  • SONY IC Recorder: ICD-PX333M, Recorder placed on the table/ 錄音筆置放桌上

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At first, I got to know about Pokfulam village obliguely through the book Pokfulam Village: a Historical Settlement under Victoria Peak. Then, by observing on-site and interviewing people, we were able to sense the discrepancy between the character of the people described in the book and the interviewees we met, as well as the cruelty of the reality.


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Cindy Chu


Mr. Ngai/ 魏先生


Boss Chu/ 朱老闆


Mr. Wong/ 黃先生