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  • Interview & Editing 採訪、編輯、整理:Cheung Tsz-hin/ 張子軒
    English Translation 英譯 : Winnie Chau/ 周潁榆

  • 08/24/2016, 08/31/2016

  • Ta Kwu Ling’s Chuk Yuen Village Resite Area and Shing Ping School/ 打鼓嶺竹園新村及昇平學校

  • Tascam DR 40/ Handheld 手持錄音/ Walking While Recording 邊行邊錄音

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recording 錄音 1


recording 錄音 2


recording 錄音 3


We (the Radio Drama Team)
visited Pokfulam Village,
had tea (Cantonese:yum cha) in the village
and recorded the ambient sounds on site.
The reconstruction of impressions, imagination, and reality,
and what lies between development and conservation can inspire a kind of thinking that is finer than we thought.


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Say it Right/ 好好說


Acupuncture Point for Drifting/ 漂流穴


The Days in Pokfulam Village/ 在薄扶林村的日子


Word Chain/ 接龍