• Kwong Wing-ka

  • 11:00AM, 02/18/2013

  • A tree near a farmland in Ma Shi Po Village East 馬屎埔東村菜田旁樹下

  • Samsung Galaxy SII/ Equipment hanging on the fence under a tree/把錄音裝置懸掛於樹下的鐵網

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Sun’s Longitude:330°
Lunar calendar: 9th January

Pentads: Otters make offerings of fish. Wild geese arrive. Trees and grasses put forth shoots.

What are Spring Showers (Cantonese: Jyuseoi; “rain water”) like without rain? It must be like today! It’s a bit hot, and the birds have gotten noisy and fearless, like when I lived here when I was small. Along the road are plants of the daisy family, like corn sow thistle (Sonchus arvenis L.), nodding burnweed (Crassocephalum raben) and so on — the stems of which have started to appear. In the distance, newly built buildings have also sprouted and “grown”, with people passing out real estate leaflets. Will the next year’s Spring Showers could be raining higher? Will there still be a home for birds and wild flowers here next year? At night, it finally started raining, lightly, gently, but providing satisfyingly precious gifts for a grain of seed.

物候: 獺祭魚,鴻雁來,草木萌動。

沒有雨的雨水是怎麼樣的呢?應該就像今天這樣吧!有點熱,鳥兒們也吵鬧起來了,也不怕人,就像我小時候在這兒居住時一樣。路旁的菊科植物如苦苣菜(Sonchus arvensis L.)、昭和草(Crassocephalum raben)等開始抽苔,遠處新建的大廈也隆隆的「長高」了,也人有派傳單宣傳。明年的雨水可會是雨天呢,明年這裡是否依然是小鳥和野花的家呢?晚上終於下起雨來,輕輕的、微細的,可是對一顆種子來說,卻是彌足珍貴的禮物。

Spring Showers/ 雨水 1


Spring Showers/ 雨水 2