• Kwong Wing-ka

  • 04:00PM, 05/05/2013

  • 泥涌/Nai Chung

  • TASCAM DR-40/ Handheld手持錄音

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Sun’s Longitude:45°
Lunar calendar: 26th March
Pentads: Mole crickets sing, Earthworms come out from soil, Cucumbers grow.

Even though temperature is still mild, summer has come, meaning that spring is now the past. Once I heard the blossom period of shellfish is right before spring and summer. So on the first day of summer I come to this rift for the grown seashells. The north is a huge plain so the sea sounds alien to me. When I was a child, I only went to the seashore once or twice every summer to play with the tide. From there I could hear the true sound of waves.

物候: 螻蟈鳴,蚯蚓出,王瓜生


Summer Commences/ 立夏