• Kwong Wing-ka

  • 12: 45 PM, 10/23/2013

  • 梧桐河旁/ Near Ng Tung River

  • Samsung Galaxy SII/ Walking While Recording 邊行邊錄音

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Sun’s Longitude:210°
Lunar calendar: 19th September
Pentads: Jackals make offerings of the beasts, the plants yellow and shed leaves, all insects go dormant.

Quite a few friends have seen the red-and-yellow leaves abroad. I have seen this in Hong Kong—though not a lot. But the beautiful leaves on the sweet gum tree have turned yellow and drifted down to the ground. Every rustle of a footstep on the dry leaves sounds utterly different.

物候: 豺乃祭獸,草木黃落,蟄蟲咸俯。


Frost/ 霜降