Review by Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung 何子洋的回顧

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About the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial Artist Residency Programme

From my perspective, this artist residency program has been a great opportunity and a time for me to try something new as a sound artist.

I documented what happened during my residency with a camera and a sound recorder, and participated in various activities, making exchanges with the local residents, and sharing with them the happenings in Hong Kong at that time.

During the six-week residency program, I spent most of my time exploring the Eurorack modular synthesizer. Using the synthesizer as my medium, I tried to find possibilities in the interaction between modules, and to create sound works through these.

Prior to this residency, I had been working as a sound designer. Most of the time I worked on technical issues, and production time is usually short in Hong Kong. As a result, I could rarely spend time experimenting on sound creation. I have always been interested in modular synthesizers, yet I never had the chance to devote a long time purely into exploring and studying.

Fortunately, this time in Tsunan, I have had a lot of space and time to do different explorations. Incorporating my interest in space, environment, and sound into my creation, I searched for the possibility of juxtaposing in-situ sounds and those that were machine-engineered within the same space. Behind the Echigo-tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre was an abandoned swimming pool. I decided to set up a modular synthesizer and amplifiers in the center of the pool, playing sounds that simulated water and lyrical phrases to accompany the immediate environment, the rivers, and the surrounding cicada songs. The sounds echoed within the unique space of the swimming pool, recording my creation during the residency.




在為期六星期的駐留計劃中,我花了大部份時間去探索模組化合成器(Eurorack modular synthesizer)。我以合成器作為素材,嘗試在模組與模組之間的互動尋找可能性,並進行聲音創作。


慶幸這次在津南有很多空間和時間做了不同的探索,我嘗試把自己對空間、環境和聲音的興趣放在創作入面,尋找在地的和以器材創造出來的聲音並置在一個空間的可能性。在越後妻有上鄉劇場館(Echigo-tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre)後面有一個荒廢的游泳池,我選擇在泳池中央放置模組化合成器與喇叭,播放著模擬出來的水聲和一些似是樂章的短句,配合當下環境的河流和周圍的蟬叫聲。聲音在游泳池特有的空間下的迴響,記錄了自己在駐留時的創作。