“On the complementarity of Field Recording and Photography” by Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung & Li Hiu-wa

Listen 來聽 / / Special: Tai Kwun 大館 by Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung & Li Hiu-wa

Having listened to all the audio tracks following the performance, Jacklam Ho has edited a few of the most interesting clips and has paired them with some of Hiu-wa’s photographs. Such pairings complement the audio texture with that of the visual and enhance the readability of both approaches to listening to recordings.


Audio track 錄音聲軌:Bridge 天橋

Audio track 錄音聲軌:Stone Steps 石梯

Audio track 錄音聲軌:Iron Rack 鐵架

Audio track 錄音聲軌:Ear 耳朵

Audio track 錄音聲軌:Theme 主題

Audio track 錄音聲軌:Walk 步行

Bridge 天橋


Stone Steps 石梯


Iron Rack 鐵架


Ear 耳朵


Theme 主題


Walk 步行