• Cheong Kin Man 張健文

  • 2014

  • Stuttgart, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, etc 斯圖加特,新加坡,澳門,香港等

  • 29’58”/ Sony Linear PCM Recorder (PCM-D100), iphone 5/ Recorder placed on a surface 錄音機靜置於一個平面上, Handheld 手持錄, Walking While Recording 邊行邊錄音

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I had a feeling that boundaries should be crossing each other they were blurry when I was working on this piece. This condition of intersection and obscurity was implied by -two aspects: the actual political boundaries/cultural differences and the limits of defining objects. Both the sounds and images in this work are portraying these tendencies.


screen captures from short film “A Useless Fiction”