• Fiona Lee

  • 11:45pm 晚上十一時四十五分, 02/13/2017

  • Whampoa Promenade黃埔海濱長廊

  • 1’20”/ ZOOM H6 Recorder, Oktava MK-012-01 Condenser Microphone, microphone stand/ Recorder placed on a surface, condenser microphone mounted on microphone stand near the hole 錄音機靜置於一個平面上,電容式麥克風安裝於麥克風支架上並置於洞旁

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By the shore, looking at the moon hanging up in the sky, I hoped that I could connect myself with its gravity by listening through the hole to the splashing of waves and the breeze.


Far side of the moon 月球的對岸