In the swimming pool 游泳池中

Listen 來聽 /

Jacklam Ho Tsz-yeung explored the possibility of developing and performing sounds with modular synthesizers in different spaces. After a number of tests, Jacklam decided to bring his Eurorack modular synthesizer and speakers to an abandoned swimming pool near Shinano River – sounds produced by the synthesizer echoed with the natural sounds of the sunken pool.

何子洋發掘了在不同空間中使用模組化合成器製造聲音和演奏的可能性。經過屢次測試,何決定將他的模組化合成器和揚聲器帶到信濃川附近的廢棄游泳池 - 合成器產生之聲音與陷於地下的游泳池中之自然聲音互相呼應。