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Main Streets of Peng Chau/ 坪洲大街


Peng Chau north/ 坪洲北邊


Coast of Nam Wan/ 南灣海邊

  • Chung Wing Shan

  • 8:00pm 晚上八時, 02/12/2017

  • Sheung Shui 上水

  • 1'15"/ H4n Recorder/ Handheld 手持錄音

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Radio in Sheung Shui 在上水的電台


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Zhongshan in the early 1980S/


Distortion/ 失真


Tinnitus/ 耳鳴


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Mike Cooper came to Hong Kong for the first time in 2009, as participating artist of Around sound art festival 2009. This year, he came back for Around sound art festival and retreat 2013, and stayed on afterwards to work on his ongoing field recording project Island. In residence in Mo Tat, Mike listens to insects, bikes, and the other-worldly, and adds to the list of islands he has recorded: Ubin, Fiji, Hawaii, East Timor, Bali, Penang… in the Pacific Ocean and South East Asia.

應聲音掏腰包之邀請 Mike Cooper 於2009年首度來港參與《聽在》聲音藝術節。2013年Mike再度應邀參與《聽在》,並在模達作聲音圖書館的藝術家駐留,進行其錄音計劃 ―「島」。駐留期間Mike聽昆蟲、單車和「另一個」世界的聲音,並將之加入其 ―「島」計劃:烏敏、斐濟、夏威夷、東帝汶、巴厘島、檳城…太平洋和東南亞等地的錄音系列。

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