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The Library by soundpocket calls for photographs Series 3: The Radio
聲音圖書館徵相啟事 III – 收音機篇

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On 6th October, at 10 o’clock in the morning at Harcourt Road, a woman stood under the bridge, holding a radio to spread the news broadcast.  In the photographic moment of silence, can  you hear the people’s voice?

In a rapidly developing technological era, people are no longer surprised by a tiny box capable of detecting radio signals from a distance. In the 1950s, development in the semiconductor technology contributed to the popularity of the radio. It also accelerated information exchange, and inspired the innovation of television and telephone. Today, smartphones with built-in radio function further limit the use of the radio as a stand-alone object. In the future, the radio may no longer exist, or may exist in another form.

Have you ever had a radio?
Radio is your bedside hypnotist?
Do you keep the radio you used for public examination?
Have you ever recorded your favorite songs from the radio?
Is there a novel calls “Novel in the Air”?
Is there a car with no man driving?
What is the song played by uncle’s pocket radio?
Do you have a story about you and the radio?
Please share your story with us!
Submission criteria

  • Photos are preferably less than 5MB in size, in JPEG or TIFF format with resolution not less than 2500 x 2500 pixel.
  • Color or black & white photos are welcome
  • No limit to the number of submissions per participant
  • Please submit your photos with your name, contact number and description in no more than 50 words, email them to [email protected] before 28th February, 2015.
  • The photos may NOT infringe upon any third parties’ rights. If any photograph does, the photographer will be held legally liable.
  • Once submitted, photos may be used by The Library by soundpocket for non-profit purposes of exhibition, publicity and publication.


pictorial 3 600


在這個科技高速發展的世代,人們似乎不再為一個接收到遠方信號的小盒子而感到驚奇。50年代,半導體的技術進步催化了收音機的普及 ; 加快了訊息傳遞與交流之餘,更啟蒙了電視、電話的科技發展。今天智能手機的出現大大收窄了實體收音機的生存空間。在未來,收音機也許會以另一種形式出現,又或者不再存在。





  • 相片檔案不大於5MB
  • 格式須為JPEG 或TIFF及解像度不低於2500×2500圖元,黑白彩色不拘
  • 投相數目不設上限
  • 參加者請於2015年2月28日前將相片連同姓名、聯絡電話及少於50字的文字描述,電郵至[email protected]
  • 投相者必須確保提交的相片不侵犯他人版權。如有侵犯他人版權行為者,將自行負法律責任
  • 投相者同意相片使用權提供予聲音圖書館作非牟利的展示﹑宣傳或出版之使用