The boundary between life and death/ speed and friction 生與死邊界/速度與摩擦

Listen 來聽 / / Imagining Boundaries 邊界想像

“amazarashi” (アマザラシ) means well weathered.”

“If all the pain in the world were turned into wind and rain, all of us will be well weathered. Even so, life goes on.” ——Vocal, Hiromu Akita

The band that accompanies me when I ponder life in the night is not dazzlingly bright. It was their recitation of experimental poetry and their creepy lyrics that made me empathetic.

No one can live on their own. There must be a period after we were born when we cannot take care of ourselves. The pure souls of babies always remind us of the beauty of the beginning of life, when people would take care of them with a gentle heart. Death is another way to experience life. The death of your friends and family will cause insomnia, right? Life is fragile; from the very beginning; the knowledge we acquire equips us and helps us go further. Understanding that the boundary between life and death is always around us; and the souls pacing back and forth suddenly and irritably collide with others.  Burning up one’s life can be exhausting and painful, but itssparkles are the proof of life and can never be neglected.

“amazarashi” (アマザラシ)是飽受風霜的意思。

「若世界上所有的苦痛化為風雨的話,那我們都是飽受風霜的人,但是即使如此生活還是要過下去。」—— 主唱 秋田弘




>> amazarashi -スピードと摩擦(Speed and Friction)