Yannick Dauby
Learn 學習 / Mentorship Programme 拜師學藝

A French artist, based in Taiwan since 2007. Exploring the soundscapes of this island through field recording, audio documentaries and community projects. Composing electroacoustic music (aka “musique concrète”) and performing improvised music with found objects, analogue devices and digital processing. Creating soundtracks and sound environments for contemporary dance, public art and films. Involved in activities about ecology and local traditional cultures.


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Our artist-mentor, Yannick Dauby’s composition of his field recordings in Hong Kong during our Mentorship Programme. Big thanks!
我們的藝術家導師,Yannick Dauby於《拜師學藝》2014-2015 期間的田野錄音而成的創作,在此感謝他對我們的啓發!

What does sunset mean to you (37’08)
by Yannick Dauby

”Field recordings realised in Hong-Kong during the mentorship programme organised by soundpocket, between October 2014 and April 2015. Composed in Spring 2016. ”

Mentorship Programme final – artist research trip in Taiwan Kaohsiung,
《拜師學藝》2014-2015 最後一站 – 藝術家在台灣高雄考察



|| Reflection on research trip in Taiwan Kaohsiung ||
|| 台灣高雄考察後感 ||

The Mentorship Programme’s final stop was in Taiwan, where the Hong Kong artists were invited to experience, record and create.

This 5-day programme had three main approaches: through sound to experience the Taiwan nature, taking interview with the local people to get to know the history and living of the place, visiting the borders and harbours to study the significant nature of Kaohsiung, and then to rethink the relationship to ourselves and creation.


Activities highlights: the night trail inside the fortress, where the artists blindly experienced though sound, the over active animal during spring night. In Kaohsiung, we divided into small groups to derive and field recording, from the interview, we learnt from local people the history and city development of Kaohsiung before and after the implement of martial law in Taiwan.

Apart from field recording and the compare and contrast the sound experience between the port of Kaohsiung and Taiwan Strait, artists also interviewed with the residents of military dependents, discussed topic relates to China-Taiwan migration and the religion. Besides artists had an improvisational echoes performance in trench. They also had a training on patience and recording practice during the unpredictable rainy day.

With the abundant input from field recording, discussion and sharing, hopefully the Taiwan’s trip has nurtured the artists’ creation.

by Yim Sui-fong (Education Officer)


《拜師學藝》2014-2015 尾聲就是香港藝術家到台灣採聲及創作。




– 嚴瑞芳 (教育主任)

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Workshop on Listening & Field Recording

“Workshop on Listening & Field Recording” is a two-day workshop specially designed by the artist-mentees for the public to experience two integral aspects of sonic art – listening and field recording. In selected secret locations in Hong Kong, participants engage in activities aimed at enhancing their listening ability, sensitivity, and imaginative power.

在連續兩天的「教識師傅有徒弟-聆聽及採聲工作坊」中,公眾將體會到關於聲音藝術創作中的兩大重要元素: 聆聽與田野錄音。參加者會與藝術家組成小組並到訪幾個港九新界神祕地點, 以互動的形式去實踐提升聽力和觸覺的活動, 探索我們的感知和想象力。

More about Workshop on Listening & Field Recording >>

Yannick Dauby’s first field recording workshop in Hong Kong
14-16.11.2014 @ Chai Wan pier area, Tung Ping Chau 柴灣碼頭附近 、 東平洲


Perception, creation, discussion and sharing: these are the key elements in the field recording workshop led by artist-mentor, Yannick Dauby for 9 young Hong Kong artists. As they visit the coastline of bustling Chai Wan and the natural seascape of Tung Ping Chau, the artists learn from Yannick how field recording helps us in listening to and understanding sound.
Field recording is an act that triggers a particular situation. The recording then witnesses and records the traces of this act. In this process, it is the artist who provides an angle for perceiving and interacting with the environment. Some participating artists see this as “letting the sound perform”. Others are more interested in how people interact in the place, like the way people communicate in the working area to fit in the machine sound or the tiny movement of throwing a stone in the water still agitate the natural inhabitants to wake up etc. Some are impressed by how ‘sci-fi’ the machines on a ship sound, and how ‘noise’ could become an addiction by surprise.
During the workshop, Yannick inspired the artists with a core question, “What is to imagine through sound, and how could this be incorporated in your creation?” This question will guide artists into the second phase of the Mentorship Programme in 2015.

在工作坊中澎葉生提出一個讓藝術家深思的核心問題: 可以怎樣透過聲音讓人聯想,由田野錄音的練習可以如何融入到你的個人創作中? 這個問題會如何展演?

Chaiwan IMG_3326 IMG_3359


Tea gathering with Artist 與藝術家「茶聚」
2014.10.11 @ soundpocket 聲音掏腰包

Reviews 活動回顧


Our first Mentorship Programme has recently launched. On October 11, we welcome our first mentor Yannick Dauby from Taiwan at soundpocket in an amiable tea gathering. Yannick introduced his personal growth as an artist. Based formerly in the south of France and having recently moved to Taiwan, Yannick told a group of emerging Hong Kong artists how the different cultures of the two lands have inspired him to develop a new mode of practice. With a background and practice in metal music and field recording, Yannick recalled his first field recording experience with the binaural microphone in France, and shared his experience in the community project of interviewing and composing with Aboriginal people in Taiwan.

Besides putting interesting questions to Yannick, artists from Hong Kong also shared their creative experience in listening and sound. In response, Yannick gave helpful and resourceful feedback.


The Mentorship Programme aims at bringing together experienced artists with a practice in sound and emerging artists curious about listening. The mentor creates intensive workshops for local artists for the sharing of knowledge, skills, and artistic insight. The local artists observe, understand, and discuss how their mentors work, and in the process, review their own practices in both a small-group and public setting.

2014年策劃的全新項目──「拜師學藝」,通過邀請海外的資深藝術家來臨聲音掏腰包,以分享茶會和各類的工作坊的形式,讓本地藝術家直接與藝術家交流, 一起學與教、創作以及與公眾分享「聲」體驗。


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