= Field recording workshops in Hong Kong 香港田野錄音工作坊 =

2014.11.14@Chai Wan 柴灣工業區
The scratching sound made by two tires between the fishing boat and ferry pier followed the movement of boat by Sea wave like repetitive sound from machines. The sound itself represented intimate contacts between three parties. This inspires me to rethink the relationship of objects that created sound.

Secondly, I think field recording could create unexpected and ambiguous scene. At the beginning of the track, the sound of something hitting the iron was something that unexpected. I didn’t aware during the recording until I playback at home. Surprisingly, it so match and for me to provide an intro to the track.





It was a very new experience for me to have proper workshop about field recording. I did quite a lot of sound recording from the city and countryside, but I have never aware the position of microphone, distance in between target sounds and object and even didn’t make live monitoring in recording. Until before the start of workshop, I have read some of Yannick’s article about the point of view of field recording. Yes, the point of view, one of the important mentality, it’s a bit like photography, would never captured the reality but choose what you want to record in the frame. When I started to do field recording, I was so intend to record all layers that I listened and experience in real world without monitored with my headphone. Every time when I listened the sound clip I found I couldn’t do what I would like to record, such as in reality some sound are noisy and some were at very low volume but in recorded sound clip the result would be totally different. Microphone is another ear, it works differently compare to our ear. Therefore, point of view is what I try to explore during this workshop. For example, one of the obvious examples was the trip to Mai Po, the big difference of pointing the microphone at the border of between Hong Kong and China gave me totally different feeling and result. During the exploration of point of view, I became more interest in different experience and expectation between listening in reality and sound from field recording. I’m starting to drop few words of my every record and play with these differentiations to create new experience to audience.


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