= Field recording workshops in Hong Kong 香港田野錄音工作坊 =

2014.11.14@Chai Wan 柴灣工業區
Carrying Boxes
Human relocate paper boxes, glasses hit metal ground in sequence, as a routine.


2014.11.15@Tung Ping Chau 東平洲
Watering gap
The sea is far, the wave is close. The only possible big wave can reach further onshore.
The background is fluid but foreground is solid.



:: Afterthought 再思 ::

The methods, skills taught by Yannick deepen my knowledge about field recording. At this stage, I do think that the process is more important than the sound recorded because it is like an adventure to discover something I have never expected. The creative means can justify what I hear. The discovery pushes me further to observe in different ways.


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