= Field recording workshops in Hong Kong 香港田野錄音工作坊 =

2014.11.14@Chai Wan 柴灣工業區
Trucks Music
I choose this recordings because there were many activities happening at the same time.
I stood at the entrance of a factory building. My left hand side was the factory building and my right hand side was the road. The trucks were driving in and out, the security guard controlled the flow, some workers were doing maintenance outside. When all elements come together, it’s like a “trucks music”.

我站在工廠大廈的入口處, 左手邊是工廠大廈,而右手邊則是馬路。 貨車不斷進進出出,保安員則控制著車輛進出的方向,一些工人在外邊進行工程, 當所有元素夾雜在一起時,它就是一首「貨車音樂」。


2014.11.15@Tung Ping Chau 東平洲
Folding Sea
I recorded the sound of the gap between the stones, at the seashore.
The sound of sea is powerful. The sound of seawater hitting stones is wonderful.
It keeps “folding and folding” on its own rhythm, like an endless epic music piece.




:: Afterthought 再思 ::

I did a lot of field recordings in the past, but recently I am quite confused of the purpose of doing this. In the workshop, I raised a question, that is how to record a unique “sea sound” of two different island? Then Yannick reminded me we are not going to be a travel agency, the purpose of field recording is not to introduce a unique sound of a place. Yang said it is more important that how sound can trigger people’s imagination. And I have a conclusion that sound need not to be revealed functionally but our perspective of recording will make it unique.
Yannick also taught us to record sound by drawing a sound map and doing a graphical composition, it broaden my sight of sound recording. Sound can be more than the sound itself.



= Taiwan’s Field Trip and Creation 台灣考察及創作  =
2015.4.3-7 @ Taipei, Kaohsiung, Meinung 台北, 高雄, 美濃

About artwork 關於作品

Hakka Bayin 客家八音 (11” 06’)


This work is about the Hakka Ba-yin Music in Meinung. We visited their Ba-yin band practice
and did some interviews with them. Since most of the people who could play Ba-yin in Meinung
are old, they hope to make a good cultural inheritance, that’s the intention they have a regular
band practice. The range of age in their band is very wide, from high school students to
seventies year-old man and the seventies year-old man is their Ba-yin teacher.!

In this work, you could hear a man explaining Ba-yin’s background and the seventies year-old
man teaching me “Erxian” (二弦琴, a two-string fiddle). You will also hear two music pieces. The first one is something they would play in certain ceremony and the second one is a famous
chinese folk song ⼗八摸, which is about love. I dedicate this work to them for their warm



:: Afterthought 再思 ::

Companionship !!
The most impressive thing in this Kaohsiung trip is the companionship. It was very great to have
a group of artists who are interested in sound, to explore a place through sound together. After
every session or even every single exploration, we kept making different valuable discussion.
Yannick and Yang always gives us broader perspectives to see and listen to the world. We
could always see a group of shutterbugs in our daily life but I seldom have friends to do this with
me by using an audio recorder. It was really amazing when we suddenly heard a nice sound, we
kept silence suddenly at the same time, then turn on our recorder to record the sound. It was so
good to have chances to talk to other artists, to share our thoughts towards arts. When I raised
my questions about doing art, all of the other artists were very generous to share their own
thoughts and even their stories, this was the most precious thing to me!
Last but not least, I would really like to thank Yannick for all his generous sharing, I really learnt
a lot!! Also I would like to thank the soundpocket team for all their efforts making this great