= Field recording workshops in Hong Kong 香港田野錄音工作坊 =

2014.11.14@Chai Wan 柴灣工業區

recorded at Kerry Warehouse , right next to chai wan public fill barging point.

More exact location of the recordings 更準確的錄音位置
1. G/F, right next to the ship, with a car park nearby 地下,躉船旁邊,停車場附近


2. 3/F, similar vertical level of the engine, similar vertical level of the exit of metal tank. 3樓,貼近引擎及金屬桶出口處

3. 1.5/F, between 1/F and 2/F at Kerry Warehouse stairwell 1.5樓,嘉里貨倉樓梯間

the driving system controlling a gigantic  6 fingers grabs through tension, while floating on the sea wave . useful waste are sliding along the hollow metal tank onto the collecting pool on the ship.
They both were doing the balancing of the ship’s mass per average area. finding the best position of the  centre of mass. the whole scene is in an unstable equilibrium.



2014.11.15@Tung Ping Chau 東平洲
along the pair of parallel lines of rock edges under the rock, pointing south west. The only natural barrier I can find there to reduce the sound of big wave and windy weather.


:: Afterthought 再思 ::

the technical side stuff is not merely  tools only but also a crucial part of the aesthetic. either be  patient enough , or brave (close)  enough while doing field recording.