The abandoned school

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  • Cheung Tsz Hin 張子軒

  • 08/24/16, 11/14/16

  • Shing Ping School and nearby/ 昇平學校及附近

  • Tascam DR-40/ Handheld 手持錄音

recording 錄音 1
The school enclosed by wire fencing is so quiet that even the chirp of insect and bird can be heard. Where are the students who used to be bustling in the school?

recording 錄音 2
A straight road ran beneath the school gate is the main access for the neighborhoods. A little girl walked past the school gate, an old woman and a small sister were waiting at the other end of the road. Did the old woman tell the two little girls about her story?

recording 錄音 3
The road next to the school is a usual road which can be easily found in the city and the sounds from the vehicles were dominating my mind.
According to my mother, the children living in the vicinity went to school by bike. The Government announced the plan that towns and industrial estates will be developed in the near future. Different things happen on the road. How many sound of traffic can a road carry throughout its life?

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