• Kwong Wing-ka

  • 11:30AM, 04/20/2013

  • 華山村旁的樹叢/ Thicket near Wa Shan Village

  • TASCAM DR-40/ Handheld手持錄音

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Sun’s Longitude:30°
Lunar calendar: 11th March
Pentads: Duckweeds grow, Collared Doves try to fly, Hoopoes land on mulberry trees

It has been raining the whole April. Only a few days of Sun. Tin-giu- seoi, the local name of an unknown bird species, has not called out as loudly as last year.

物候: 萍始生,鳴鳩扶其羽,戴勝降於桑


Corn Rain/ 穀雨