• Kwong Wing-ka

  • 10:00AM, 04/04/2013

  • 蓬瀛仙館/ Fung Ying Seen Koon

  • TASCAM DR-40/ Handheld手持錄音

Sun’s Longitude:15°
Lunar calendar: 24th February
Pentads: The Paulownia begins to bloom, Voles transform into Quails, Rainbows begin to appear

“Here you are Grandpa! Here you go Grandma!” I still feel embarrassed shouting in front of the incense burner. My family likes to say there is too much incense and the smoke triggers tears. Sometimes I thought it was just an excuse. If I were to pass away, would I be able to meet again those seniors who quietly walked out of my life?

物候: 桐始華;田鼠化為鹌;虹始見


Bright and Clear/ 清明