00:00 – Lifts as the Destination 以升降機為目的地

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00:00 – Lifts as the Destination

My interests in freight lifts came from frequently visiting industrial buildings in different regions—where many cultural spaces are located—in recent years. Carrying goods commonly takes more time than raising and lowering people, and hence, there are usually more freight than passenger lifts in an industrial building; apart from carrying bulky items, a freight lift is another traveling option while in haste or at midnight when the passenger lifts are out of service. In comparison to the enclosed environment of many passenger lifts, in the old-fashioned freight lifts it always feels like time-traveling (this is how I see romance in the everyday). In March 2021, to prepare for the “Listen…the sound of Po Kong” workshop of San Po Kong Arts Festival 2021, I interviewed my father who is a lift constructor. It was then that I realised that the government plans to phase out all the old-fashioned freight lifts within ten years. After this time, all types of freight lift will be replaced by the enclosed version. Little time is left for the old-fashioned freight lift, so I took the opportunity to see them as a destination, wandering through and around the San Po Kong Eight Streets, searching and exploring this industrial district for them.

This feature story is based on the ‘lift-ride’ designed for “Listen…the sound of Po Kong”, documenting the rides in at least three types of lift.

In this time of global quarantine: “Would you go for a lift-ride with me?”





:: Open 24 Hours — (Freight) Lift-ride in San Po Kong Eight Streets
24小時營業 — 在新蒲崗八街遊(貨)(車立) 河

00:00 – Lifts as the Destination 以升降機為目的地
09:00 – Overhearing the Lift Operator’s and Passengers’ Daily Conversations

15:15 – Sleepwalking with the Lifts’ Reverberation: Luk Hop Industrial Building

23:11 – To be or not to be: The ‘Not To Be Used As Passenger Lift’ Freight Lift
To be or not to be:「不可被用作乘客升降機」的斬頭門

24:00 – Murmur 念念