15:15 – Sleepwalking with the Lifts’ Reverberation: Luk Hop Industrial Building

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15:15 – Sleepwalking with the Lifts’ Reverberation: Luk Hop Industrial Building

Walking drowsily after lunch, I was surrounded by the smell of the bakery as I passed by Luk Hop Industrial Building (Luk Hop), which gave me the illusion of an early morning rather than a sleepy afternoon. Lifts going up and down as if they are the breathing of Luk Hop; hoping to take a rest in a quiet and solitary place, I went into the building for a walk and nap in its breath.

Passenger Lift 2 takes fifty seconds to reach 22/F from the ground, and in this enclosed space, there were only me and the spinning fan (sometimes also other passengers). Stepped out of the lift, the Lift Machine Room was on my right, where I could hear the lifts’ pauses and up-and-down sounds, and daydream about the pathways of the passengers. Almost all lifts have their own pitch; the passenger lift sounds like a brass wind-instrument, while the Lift Machine Room sounds like a synthesizer with percussion.

Moving forward, pushed the fire door in front of me and walked into the 22/F 3rd-backstairs. The space became an amplifier of the lifts’ reverberations – repeating like a lullaby. I sat down with heavy eyelids and curled into a ball, the backstairs transformed into a private space for a siesta.

Woke. Heading upstairs to the corridor through the 23/F 2nd-backstairs, then, walked past Lomfa Fair (an art space) to the end and turned left, I entered the backstairs again, and went down to the 22/F 5th-backstairs from the 23/F 4th-backstairs. Right turn and I found a power-operated, horizontal-sliding, and centre-opening passenger lift. Throughout my walk, the lifts’ reverberations—which also reflected the movements of people in the building—kept me company.

Entering the passenger lift larger than a mini private car, it took two minutes and thirty seconds to go from the top floor to the ground. In contrast, its pacing was much slower than other freight lifts in San Po Kong (averaging fifty seconds). Alone with a phone without a signal, time passed and I stayed in the pitch of this lift, as if it was a meditative, self-therapy trip.

15:15 – 在六合工業大廈的(車立)聲迴響中夢遊






:: Open 24 Hours — (Freight) Lift-ride in San Po Kong Eight Streets
24小時營業 — 在新蒲崗八街遊(貨)(車立) 河

00:00 – Lifts as the Destination 以升降機為目的地
09:00 – Overhearing the Lift Operator’s and Passengers’ Daily Conversations

15:15 – Sleepwalking with the Lifts’ Reverberation: Luk Hop Industrial Building

23:11 – To be or not to be: The ‘Not To Be Used As Passenger Lift’ Freight Lift
To be or not to be:「不可被用作乘客升降機」的斬頭門

24:00 – Murmur 念念