= Reflection 感想 =

Hong Kong
I only participated in the soundwalks at the Tsz Shan Monastery and Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, but these two walks offered a rather stark contrast to each other – spacious versus packed, forest versus urban, wild versus pet birds, inward versus outward observation. They introduced me to attributes and facets of sound, as well as perspectives with which to approach our subsequent exercises, such as relations to space, organic/inorganic activities, and the states of the listeners.

Kuala Lumpur
We have more opportunities to interact with other participating artists. We were all keen on sharing our experiences and thoughts and that created a great atmosphere for mutual learning. During our visit to the Bird Garden, I opened my ears to the serenity of the birds and listened to the sounds of their walking feet. The whole field-trip was inspired by Catherine’s research on bird calls, which most urban dwellers would consider as noise, or morning/evening background sound – that’s why bird calls could only be regarded as inorganic research subjects in Hong Kong. Strolling in the park, alongside all the types of birds in Kuala Lumpur, unearthed our connections with other living things and the meanings in their songs. These experiences facilitated another learning approach – to observe the relationships between observant/creative and other subjects, the meanings that developed, and how the two were closely connected.

Many of the participating artists felt distant from the creative theme set by Catherine, probably because our relations with birds were rather different from hers. Our different standpoints brought different observations, which became crucial inspirations for our exchanges.


Illogical writing stood out in our writing exercises. The small, yet well-rounded creative experience encompassed processes like the selection of materials, their grouping, structuring, and infusing of meanings. It had a different nature from the previous activities and made a nice warm-up exercise for the planning of our public workshop. Chan Sai-lok was great at sorting our thoughts out and raising more questions for further discussion. The writing workshops helped us to enhance our sensitivity to words.

“In One Ear and Write Out the Other” Workshop
All the participating artists and soundpocket coordinators managed to work well together and we had a smooth experience, from planning our route in the early stages, to the actual execution. The route of the other group seemed very interesting too, especially after having done the workshop.

Overall it was a pleasant and substantial learning experience. I had a great time and fruitful discussions with the other participants. The two artist-mentors took our activities to the next level. I was thrilled to find such a project in the artistic ecology of Hong Kong, and I think myself lucky to have been a part of it. Thanks to soundpocket for organising and coordinating this project. I hope to see more of this kind of project for creatives from different fields, to inspire each other in the mutual learning process.



書寫練習中的illogical writing較為突出,當中涉及擷取素材﹑組合﹑編成結構﹑意義引導等過程,可算是一次迷你但完整的創作經驗,性質與此前的其他活動不同,作為準備計劃公眾工作坊的前奏而言,是一次不錯的熱身。