= Reflection 感想 =

Focusing on the connection formed by sound in the relationships between “Listening” and “Writing”, and under the guidance and sharing of the Artists-Mentors, Catherine and Sai Lok, this programme offered an unmatched platform for artists to rethink, relearn and reflect on one’s practice and direction.

Each mentor had their own style of sharing and teaching: Catherine’s way worked well for me, and Sai Lok helped deepen the learning. It was an interesting process of internalization and expression, from audio to visual. I think the experience of being taught by a mentor made a great difference indeed.

I have no hesitation in affirming the importance and necessity of this programme. It lays out an open ground with sufficient nutrients for an artist to breathe in fresh air to break one’s boundaries, to break and rebuild, to forget and recall, to let go and to embrace, to turn “No” into “Yes”, to also to define and redefine.

“Music” is a major part of my art life. I am not a professional musician, but the music I play with the er-hu and violin enrich my growth as an individual. On the other hand, “Sound” to me, in the form of art, is a stranger. Selective listening is my strategy to survive in this noisy city of Hong Kong, to retain the tranquillity from the physical to the spiritual level. Also, being able to live in an environment as close to nature as possible to lead a balanced life, is also my intention. However, despite all that I have said above, “Sound Art” is still alien to me.

For me, this program has assisted my understanding of the boundaries of “Sound”. As an art form, its scope is wide and full of un-expectancy. The process of interpretation, reinterpretation, coding, and decoding, was confusing for me at the beginning. Numerous questions were raised in my mind, and the answers have not been found yet; it is an area completely outside of my comfort zone. The workshop and readings were very useful indeed, helping me in many ways to know more about this art form. I am truly grateful for the contributions of the mentors/artists, the soundpocket team, and those who were involved over the whole time.

專注於「聆聽」及「書寫」間由聲音所構成的聯繫,在藝術家導師Catherine Clover與陳世樂的分享和引導下,「拜師學藝」提供了一個無與倫比的平台讓藝術家去重新思考﹑重新學習及反思個人的創作習慣與方向。