= Reflection 感想 =

As a classically trained musician, I spent the majority of my life working on how to produce desirable sound. As I enrolled in a sound art workshop, I was getting very excited to try some new attempts to make sound. It turned out the workshops offered more than the means to create sound; it was an inspiring journey from Hong Kong to Manila.

Viv’s listening exercises deeply inspired me because they are without judgment or presumptions as to how to define sounds. I found the landscape of the city sounding much more interesting and dynamic.

We carried on listening exercises further during our Research Field Trip in Manila. We were guided to focus on listening to ourselves – our own footsteps, our breath, even a tiny flip of hair. It was surprising to me how listening to ourselves enabled me to be sensitive to the atmospheric sound deeply and freely.

Each one of us was introduced to a walking companion from Manila, to do a sound walk in pairs. I was introduced to Lesley Anne Cao, an artist living near University of Philippines Diliman (UP). UP is a tranquil piece of land compared to Manila town centre. Throughout the walk Lesley and I discussed the political situation in both of our cities. We were amazed yet distressed by how situations are similar in our hometowns, while also being different on other levels.

I decided to make a piece for the public presentation with feelings I have towards the future of Manila and my hometown, using field recordings of Manila and improvisation on a Filipino folk song I found on the internet and it is still a very popular folk. After the workshops with Viv, I started to connect more with atmospheric sounds; it was very helpful to my first attempt in field recording in the creation of a performance piece. The approach of using existing sound materials instead of “making” sound or music was fascinating and exciting to me.



我們在馬尼拉的實地考察之旅中進一步進行聆聽練習它帶領我們專注於自我聆聽 – 聆聽自己的腳步自己的呼吸甚至頭髮細微的顫動。讓人意想不到的是自我聆聽開啟了我對環境聲音的觸覺使其更加深入和自由。

在馬尼拉我們每個人都有一個同行者一起進行聲音漫步。我因此認識了Lesley Anne Cao一個住在菲律賓迪里曼大學UP附近的藝術家。相比起馬尼拉的市中心UP是一個寧靜的小地方。在散步途中我和Lesley討論了我們身處的兩個城市的政治環境。我們驚訝而又痛苦地發現我們家鄉的處境是如此的相似但亦有所不同。