= Reflection 感想 =

Strolling around the streets and alleys in the city with co-walker and artist Kat was the fondest memories of my days in Manila. It took us approximately two hours to walk from the church to the mosque and tread our way through the bustling market to the jam-packed bridge. In each scene, different topics and emotions were exchanged, as if songs in different styles were played one by one. It was a precious dialogue and experience.

Besides, I think the various sound practices brought to us by Master Viv were especially suitable for people who grow up in big cities. Take myself as an example, I was brought up in Hong Kong and have long been used to automatically filtering the multifarious sounds (noises) of the city in my mind. This filter system, however, also had times of breaking down: whenever I was less cautious, the sounds would take control over me, pour into my earholes from all directions and incessantly amplify themselves in my head, leading to varying degrees of nervousness and anxiety. In fact, the harder I tried to resist the invasion of these sounds (noises), the more I was overwhelmed by those restless feelings. On the contrary, the workshop practices mainly focus on deep listening. Whether the setting is indoor or outdoor, we ought to open up our ears and let all the sounds, without labeling any of them, enter our head. Observe how the sounds respectively change and evolve in the space, analyze those which have been received, unleash our imagination, transform the sounds and present them in alternative ways. By doing this, not only is all the agitation in an ear-splitting environment wiped out, but we can also regain our authority over sounds.