= Reflection 感想 =

I am not a sound artist and I have never created any sound works; all I know is some concepts about sounds. In spite of all these, I have benefited greatly from these two experiences. The practices we had in the workshop trained our ears to be our eyes—we were able to see the tiniest changes in the sounds around us and listen to the deepest vibration inside our body. As a a person who focuses a lot on visual elements, I learnt about how the others listened, described and comprehended sounds, as well as the relationships amongst sounds, individuals and the spaces.

I was paired with co-walker and artist Rene, whose major creations were paintings and sculptures. During our first meeting, both of us did not speak much (or rather, did not know what to say); there seemed to be some resemblance between our temperaments and characters. Then, when he led me to go on walks he usually took, he told me this idea about the silence in between our conversation—eventually, this impression of our first meeting turned out to become the theme of our first work together.

In the next few days, we continued meeting up and collected the necessary materials to erase our dialogue from the recording of our walks. During our performance, though, we realized how interesting it was to listen to our then conversation again. The familiar voices of mine and his were there; and in the meantime, we could only proceed to remove the recording after hearing the dialogue and identifying our voices. Such experience signified a fleeting possibility, which in turn revealed that Rene and I actually did not talk to each other as little as we thought.


與我配對的當地同行者兼藝術家是 Rene他主要創作的範疇為繪畫和雕塑。初次見面的我們都不多話說或是不知說甚麼感覺有著相似的性格。而他帶我走他日常走過的路時告訴我他的一個念頭就是我倆對話之間的寂靜。這個我們初會時的印象很貼切地成為了我倆的第一件作品。

接著幾天我們都有見面並搜集所需材料把我們一起走路的對話錄音生硬地消去。表演時卻發覺重聽當時的對話並意識那對話是個有趣的經驗。我和他都有自己熟悉的聲音在裡面同時我們需要聽到對話才能辦識它並把它消去。這樣的經驗正是一種稍瞬即逝的可能性而我和 Rene 之間的對話原來是沒有想像中那麼少。