• Samson Cheung Choi Sang 張才生

  • 6:38pm下午六時三十八分, 02/14/2017

  • 1’32”/ Zoom H5 Recorder /Handheld 手持錄音

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I look forward to an empty lift every day. This chamber is my private stage,  allowing me to perform the most intimate dramas when I am travelling from one point to another. When I was in primary school I liked to sing, shout, and jump in the lift. I would burn off all my energy in that chamber before I arrived home. I even dared to speak foul language in the lift; in any case the surveillance camera cannot record sounds. I did not care about the monitoring security guards; sometime I would point my middle finger, or make a face at the camera. Since my secondary school, the lift has become a space for me to tidy myself up, especially before job interviews. That is the last chance for me to rehearse. In recent years, I have spent much time in that chamber organizing my mind and using my phone. After all, I have to cross this boundary between autonomy and conformity when the lift doors open.


Vertical stage 垂直舞台