Everything usually begins well. At this time, sounds seem ready to burst forth full of joy and expectation, don’t they? But once the beginning and the middle pass, after scaling the peaks and then slumping into the tail end of the “sound wave”, what do the sounds become? Dejected? Downcast? Decadent? Listless? Or most tragically, indifferent?

Things are about to end. The freshness and excitement are about to be fully consumed. Is this not worth a glimpse? When the flowers of youth have wilted, what I want to keep is the instant at the end, that fragile sound – with it, will you recognize which moment it was?



End of a day - at a park in Fanling/ 一天之盡 - 在粉嶺公園


End of a day- on a train going back to fanling/ 一天之盡 - 往粉嶺行駛的火車


Taking off from Star Ferry/ 從天星小輪下船


Last Day of a Histroy Exhibition - At Closing Time of Art Museum/ 展覽的最後一天 - 藝術博物館關閉的一刻