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End of a day - at a park in Fanling/ 一天之盡 - 在粉嶺公園


End of a day- on a train going back to fanling/ 一天之盡 - 往粉嶺行駛的火車


Taking off from Star Ferry/ 從天星小輪下船


Last Day of a Histroy Exhibition - At Closing Time of Art Museum/ 展覽的最後一天 - 藝術博物館關閉的一刻

  • 2:30 - 5:30 PM, 01/12/2013

  • Central Lawn of Jordan Valley Park, Kwun Tong/ 觀塘佐敦谷公園中央草坪

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Listening & Sharing/分享聆聽


End of a journey/ 旅程終站 by Coral Chan


Afternoon/ 午後 by Dicky Yeung


Cicada 's song after dark/ 入夜後的蟬鳴 by Siu Kam-han


Shigaraki Kogen Railway/ 信樂高原鐵路 by Siu Kam-han


Dinner/ 晚餐 by Lucy Hon