sound scoop @ Tainan, Taiwan
細聲公 @ 台灣台南
by Ting Shuo Studio 聽說

Workshop 工作坊: 23.6.2018, 10:30-18:00 | Exhibition 展覽: 24-26.6.2018, 14:00-18:00

About Ting Shuo Studio 關於聽說

Ting Shuo Hear Say is an organisation based in Tainan, Taiwan with sound at the center of its activities.

We engage with a diverse community through encouraging participation and encounters with contemporary listening and sound creation practices from around the world. Ting Shuo Studio has an open space for workshops and performances, a sound studio, and a listening gallery for experimental music publications.



The following is an activity review of the workshop:

* This English review is written by Ting Shuo Studio, and Chinese version is translated and edited by soundpocket. 此活動回顧的英文原文由聽說撰寫,中文版本由聲音掏腰包翻譯及編輯。

Presenting a sound scoop in Tainan gave us an opportunity to deep dive into the work of soundpocket with our local community, listening across the water for possible futures and connections to our own situation.

Four participants joined us for the workshop. All are regular attendees at Ting Shuo events and have their own creative practices. We had each spent time with the library online and had selected five sound files that we connected with in some way. The morning was spent playing our selections to the group and discussing reasons behind our choices and ideas for how the sounds could be brought together in an installation.



In the afternoon we experimented with different types of sound playback equipment (small battery powered hifi speakers, studio monitors, PA speakers, sound exciter transducers, headphones, etc) and methods of placing sounds around the studio space (inside objects, under false floors, above the stairs, etc.).


The final step was considering the timing of sounds in the spatial installation. We created edited loops with stretches of silence to allow an interplay between the various sounds from the library and the incidental sounds that occur on site.


The resulting sound installation was open to the public for the following three days. soundpocket’s book publications were available for visitors to read, providing an additional layer of framing for the experience. We had 35 visitors across the three days of the exhibition and found that almost everyone spent an extended time in the installation.


Thanks to soundpocket, the library contributors and our workshop participants for an intensive and rewarding listening experience!


Workshop Participants:Shin-Ling Houng, Fangyi Liu, Chuan Tseng, Ming Yueh Tsai, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Nigel Brown

工作坊參加者:洪世霖、劉芳一、曾川、蔡明岳、張惠笙 、Nigel Brown

Recording files from The Library by soundpocket

“Sound of Sai Wan”, Elaine Ho Wing-ah
“Switch off the Air Conditioner”, Tang Wai-man
“Outside”, Chan Sai Lok
“The Sounds of Tree”, Step Au
“Statics”, Cedric Maridet
“Chinese Abacus”, Yam Kwai-san
“Jardine in the Morning”, Alex Yiu
“Sound of Heaven”, NLKY
“Mood of Mid-Autumn”, Wong Fuk-kuen
“Walk around a flattened village”, Cheung Tsz-hin
“Soundscape of Badminton Court”, Fiona Lee
“Paper Airplane 03”, Rika Wong


「西灣的聲音」, 何穎雅
「關冷氣」, Tang Wai-man
「戶外 1」, Chan Sai Lok
「樹木的聲音」, Step Au
「靜力學」, Cedric Maridet
「天籟之音」, NLKY
「中秋氣氛」, Wong Fuk-kuen
「羽毛球場聲境」, Fiona Lee
「紙飛機 03」, Rika Wong

Fixed perspective 定點錄音


Moving perspective A 移動方向 A


Moving perspective B 移動方向 B