• Director/導演:Tang Kwok-hin/ 鄧國騫
    Script and Voice Acting/ 劇本、聲演:Chan Pui -yee, Choi Yu-tin, Chung Nga-yan, Tang Wai-man and Tang Kwok-hin/ 陳佩怡、蔡雨田、鍾雅欣、吳詠琳、鄧慧敏及鄧國騫
    Recording/錄音:Lai Chi-yung/ 黎智勇

  • 2013 Feb - Apr

  • First Broadcasted in The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Arts Biennale 2013

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The stories of Pokfulam and its inhabitants come to life in this radio drama about the contradictions between nature, the “good old days” and urban development. From the village, to the villagers’ dwelling, the environment, and the local society – as the cityscape is compelled by the forces of globalization and capitalism to change, as some values dominate over others, should one conform, go against the grain, even defy heaven’s will?


Extended Reading 伸廷閱讀

Director’s talk about the original concept and production process of Pokfulam Radio Drama
薄扶林廣播劇製作過程 劇本起始構思及講解


Pokfulam Radio Drama