Guest Curation 客席策展

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"Guest Curation" is The Library's long-term project inaugurated in 2014. Artist/curator Solomon Yu, lyrics' writer Chow Yiu-fai, and artist Pak Sheung-chuen, are invited to take an active role in interpreting the existing materials in The Library.

In response to each curatorial concept, our design partner MAJO Design has tailor-made three mini-websites, which become an online exhibition space that present both the curation and an expanded experience of The Library's materials.

「客席策展」 是聲音圖書館一個從2014年跨越到2015年的合作項目。邀請藝術家/策展人余廸文、填詞人周耀輝及藝術家白雙全,以聲音圖書館現存的材料,策劃、實踐各種具有探索性的構思,打開對聲音圖書館的想像。

與此同時,我們請來本地設計團隊 MAJO Design 擔任設計伙伴,回應三位策展人的理念,塑造不一樣的網上展覽空間,呈現策展構思及對聲音圖書館材料的體驗廷伸。

Solomon Yu

Silent Waves
裊 裊

Chow Yiu-fai

The Inevitable II: the Repetitive

Pak Sheung-chuen

Sound Keeper