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curatorial statement

A ‘sound keeper’ is someone who puts sound under safe keeping, and in Chinese, the character for “keeping” (sau2) puns with the character for ‘seeking’, ‘hunting’, or ‘collecting’ (sau2). In this project, we try to find out how sound keepers and sound seekers relate themselves to sound with materials in The Library by soundpocket.

This project categorizes sounds into ‘sound wave’, ‘music’ and ‘language’. ‘Sound wave’ refers to sound that is represented by the language of physics; it is without emotions and subjective meaning, like a Mathematical formula. ‘Music’ or simply sound is sound without the content of language, but it can influence human emotions, like instrumental music and sighs. ‘Language’ is communication through sound; it has the most complicated structure of sound among the three. It not only carries meaning, but it is also a system of thinking.

We take two opposite extremes for each category as two gravitational poles – “not listen<>listen”, “unpleasant to listen<>pleasant to listen”, “do not understand<>understand”. We look for someone of each extreme in the way they deal with sound in daily life. These are our Sound Keepers. From a hearing-impaired person, a Zen master, a rocker, an air conditioning technician, an insurance agent to a hypnotherapist etc., they will participate in a series of experiments for The Library.

- Pak Sheung-chuen, Curator


- 策展人 白雙全

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