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Mentorship Programme (2nd edition) 第二屆「拜師學藝」
Viv Corringham

Mentorship Programme reflects The Library’s devotion to promote interactive learning between artists through dialogues and artistic creation: from the mentor-mentee relation as an intimate platform in which oversea senior artists with a practice in sound to meet and share knowledge and experience with Hong Kong local artist-mentees. This alternative ways of sharing and building the knowledge together will be spread again by the artists to the general public through public workshops. It provides artists with opportunities to broaden and deepen their artistic practices.



Mentorship Programme (2nd edition) 第二屆「拜師學藝」
Artist-Mentor 藝術家導師:
Viv Corringham
>>> Biography 簡歷

Artist-mentees 藝術家學員:
Bunchi Chan Cho-kiu 陳楚翹 | Alvin sing 陳榮聲 | Samson Cheung Choi-sang 張才生 | Chloe Cheuk Sze-wing 卓思穎 | Mark Chung Ching 鍾正 | Heidi Law Hoi-yan 羅鎧欣 | Berry Law Kwok-tung 羅國彤 | Alvin Lee Siu-hin 李肇軒 | Lin Wah 年華 | Cher Ng Chun-tung 吳俊東 | Sze Ka-yan 史嘉茵 | Tung Wing-hong 董永康

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第二屆「拜師學藝」Mentorship Programme (2nd edition)
“Amaz Sing Walk” Public Workshop: Open for registration now!
1.4.2017 (SAT 六) | 10 am – 6pm

工作坊將由五位香港藝術家帶領「深度聆聽」(Deep Listening)練習及神秘之旅:
The workshop includes “Deep Listening” exercises and a secret journey led by 5 Hong Kong artists:
張才生 Samson Cheung Choi-sang | 羅鎧欣 Heidi Law Hoi-yan | 羅國彤 Berry Law Kwok-tung | 年華 Lin Wah | 董永康 Tung Wing-hong

名額:30位 (先到先得,額滿即止)
費用:成人100元 | 全日制學生80元(包輕盈午餐,交通自費)
查詢:黃小姐| / 3954 5584
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Quota: 30 (First-come-first-served)
Workshop Fee: Adult $100 | Full-time student $80 (Light lunch included. Travel costs at participants’ own expense.)
Enquiry: Ms. Rachel Wong | / 3954 5584
Registration Deadline: 2017.03.25 (Sat)
*Conducted in Cantonese
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“Take a walk at night. Walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.”
– Pauline Oliveros, Sonic Meditations (1974)

由聲音圖書館策劃之「拜師學藝」旨在透過對話及創作的互動學習形式,促進藝術家之間的學習,並為藝術家提供拓闊和深化其藝術創作的機會。今屆的其中的五位藝術家學員在2016年10月至12月期間參與了由藝術家導師Viv Corringham帶領的藝術家工作坊及馬尼拉考察之旅後,將帶領《好聲行》公眾工作坊,工作坊將分為兩部份:第一部份的活動集中運用取材自Pauline Oliveros的「深度聆聽」(Deep Listening)練習,當中包括全身聆聽(Full Body Listening)及聲音冥想練習,參加者將理解聆聽何以是尋找喜悅及建立信任的重要元素。在工作坊的第二部份,參加者將經歷由藝術家設計的戶外神秘旅程,並以發聲練習、聲音漫步及以人聲即興創作等活動探索聆聽、環境與自身的聯繫。


>>> 參與藝術家簡介
>>> Viv Corringham就參與第二屆「拜師學藝」的感想

Mentorship Programme reflects The Library’s devotion to promote interactive learning between artists through dialogues and artistic creation. It provides artists with opportunities to broaden and deepen their artistic practices. After participating in the Artist Workshop and the Research Trip in Manila led by artist-mentor Viv Corringham during October to December, 2016, five artist-mentees will lead “Amaz Sing Walk” – a two-part public workshop. The first part focuses on exercises adapted from Pauline Oliveros’ “Deep Listening” activities, including Full Body Listening and sonic meditation. Participants will gain a better understanding of how listening could be helpful in finding joy and building trust. In the second part of the workshop, the participants will be taken on a secret outdoor journey designed by the artists. Together they will explore the relationship between listening, environment and their own body through sounding exercises, sound walk and vocal improvisation.

If you are curious about sound, or wish to experience “Deep Listening” or enhance your sonic sensibility, apply now for an “Amaz Sing Walk” together!

>>> Biographies of participating artists
>>> Reflections on the current Mentorship Programme by Viv Corringham

Review of Research Trip in Manila, The Philippines

“Every special walk contains an element of an interior journey through a personal landscape.” This is one of the many ideas from Viv Corringham, artist-mentor of the 2nd edition of Mentorship Programme.

Led by Viv, artist-mentees Heidi Law Hoi-yan, Barry Law Kwok-tung, Lin Wah, Sze Ka-yan and Tung Wing-hong took a week-long journey in search of the meaning of sound and listening to their artistic creation in Manila. They stood at the Remedios Circle and listened to the busy intersection between Remedios Street, Jorge Bocobo Street and Adriatico Street with awareness; they also practiced sonic meditation along the Manila Baywalk and in the crowd of Robinson Place. Listening intensified to become embodied: feeling their weights on the ground and listening to the more distant and quiet sounds beyond the immediately loud ones, the artist-mentees worked on finding stillness and making space for themselves. It was a time for developing Pauline Oliveros’ idea of Deep Listening – i.e. listening to everything.

The artist-mentees also experienced “Shadow-walks”, a core part of Viv’s artistic practice. They paired up with a walking companion from Manila, who took them on walks that revealed the beauty of nature and the city’s heritage; other walks were stomped by heavy footsteps in endless puddles of rain. Personal stories, ideas on culture, history, tradition and places, were shared. Some artist-mentees were inspired to return to and retrace the walk on their own, while others captured the essence of the stories and places by recording the sounds and conversations during the walk.

A Public Presentation was held on December 10 at 98B COLLABoratory. The artist-mentees shared their sound works as artistic responses to their journey in Manila – Heidi performed a sound improvisation with local children folk rhymes and bell sounds she collected in the University of Philippines’ Diliman Campus. The performance expressed her thoughts and feelings towards the future of Manila and Hong Kong. Wing-hong and his walking companion were inspired by the silence and pauses in their conversations. Together they created a sound piece by playing back and muting the sounds recorded during their conversations. Sze Ka-yan was moved by the stories told by her companion. She created an installation with dripping sound reflecting on her thoughts on time and existence. Berry transformed his experience into a dynamic and provocative vocal improvisation based on the memory formed and emotions developed during the walk around Manila. Lin Wah was deeply impressed by how the locals coped with their stressed and stretched lives. She performed a vocal and visual interactive improvisation with her walking companion.

Please stay tuned for news on the last phase of Mentorship Programme (2nd edition) – Public Workshop in Hong Kong.

>>> More photos of the Research Trip


「每一次特別的漫步都包含著探索心路歷程的元素。」這是第二屆「拜師學藝」藝術家導師Viv Corringham的眾多想法之一。

Viv帶領五位藝術家學員──羅鎧欣、羅國彤、年華、史嘉茵、董永康──於馬尼拉進行七天考察之旅,試圖尋找聲音及聆聽對他們的藝術創作的意義。他們站在Remedios Circle的十字路口細心聆聽Remedios Street、 Jorge Bocobo Street 及 Adriatico Street的煩囂;他們又沿著Manila Baywalk及於Robinson Place擁擠的人群中進行聲音冥想。聆聽得以深化成為體現:通過感受自身於地上的重量和越過最直接響亮的聲音,聆聽更遙遠及微小的聲音,藝術家學員試圖尋找平靜及為自己創造空間。這時,他們進一步研習Pauline Oliveros的「深度聆聽(Deep Listening)」概念──聆聽萬籟。


於十二月十日在98B COLLABoratory舉行的公眾分享會上,藝術家學員分享了作為回應是次旅途所想所感的聲音創作。羅鎧欣借用一首當地童謠及在菲律賓大學迪里曼分校收錄的校園鐘聲,抒發了她對香港及馬尼拉的未來之感覺。董永康與同行者以他們之間對話的沉默或停頓為靈感,共同創作了一件以靜音及重播二人的對話錄音之聲音演出。史嘉茵受到同行者所分享的故事感動,創作了一件會發出滴漏聲音的裝置,反映她對時間與存在的看法。羅國彤以他於馬尼拉的漫步、記憶和情緒轉化為充滿活力及想像力的即興人聲演出。年華對當地人如何應對環境壓力和緊張的生活智慧最為深刻,她與同行者合作,將經驗演繹為一次結合人聲及視覺元素的即興演出。


>>> 更多考察之旅相片

Reviews 活動回顧

Tea Gathering 茶聚 | 2016.10.23 | Loft Stage
Our first Mentorship Programme was launched on October 11, 2014 with our first mentor Yannick Dauby from Taiwan and inspired artist-mentees with a solid practice of creative sound collecting. The second edition of Mentorship Programme has recently launched. On October 23, we welcomed our artist-mentor Viv Corringham, a British vocalist, sound artist and composer based in New York, USA. Viv introduced her sound works including performances, installations, radio works, and sound walks. Also shared her profound listening practices to 12 local artist-mentees.

聲音掏腰包首個「拜師學藝」於2014年10月11日展開,來自臺灣的藝術家導師澎葉生以創意的採音活動啟發一班藝術家學員。而第二屆「拜師學藝」經已展開,來自英國,常駐紐約的聲音與人聲藝術家及作曲家Viv Corringham於10月23日與本地12位藝術家學員會面,並隨即向我們介紹她的聲音作品,包括演出、裝置、聲音漫步等,同時與藝術家學員分享她資深的聆聽練習。

DSC05540 DSC05546

Artist Workshop 藝術家工作坊 | 2016.10.26 – 29 | Hong Kong New Music Ensemble 香港創樂團
“You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy sound.”
During the 4-day workshop here in Hong Kong, Viv led artist-mentees into practicing the art of listening and responding by cultivating full body listening, listening as joy and trust, as a connection with environmental conditions, and as building human community. Based on Pauline Oliveros’ idea of “Deep Listening”, artist-mentees learned to trust, enjoy and create with their voices, and how listening could be practiced as a key element to sonic meditation and vocal improvisations.

Please follow us for news on the next phase of the project – Manila Artist Research Field Trip and Public Workshop!

由Viv Corringham帶領為期4天的藝術家工作坊讓學員透過培養全身聆聽,理解聆聽為喜悅、信任、與環境的聯繫及社群的建立,認識到如何將聆聽及回應作為藝術實踐。透過引用Pauline Oliveros著作《Deep Listening》中的內容,藝術家學員學會信任、享受及運用人聲創作,同時經驗聆聽何以是聲音冥想及以人聲即興演出的重要元素。

請密切留意藝術家馬尼拉考察之旅及「教識徒弟有師傅」公眾工作坊 !

DSC05566 DSC05615
DSC05622 DSC05668
DSC05696 DSC05723

Research Trip in Manila, The Philippines 菲律賓馬尼拉考察之旅 | 2016.12.5-11

The next phase of the 2nd edition of Mentorship Programme will take place in Manila from December 5 to December 11, 2016. With artist-mentor Viv Corringham, the 5 artist-mentees, Heidi Law Hoi-yan, Berry Law Kwok-tung, Lin Wah, Sze Ka-yan and Tung Wing-hong, will spend 7 days in Manila, meeting with the local communities and continue exploring the listening and sounding as artistic practices, based on the idea of Viv’s sound project “Shadow-walks”.

“I am hoping that we would be able to make contact with some local people in Manila… get the local people to show us places in Manila, and ask the artist-mentees to try to create pieces, sound works, or just sound ideas from that, I think that would be great. Because it’ll all then be about translating somebody else’s ideas into your own., “ says Viv Corringham.

During the public presentation to be held on December 10, 2016, the artist-mentees will share with the audience their experience in Manila, as well as to present ideas and works developed during the research trip.

下一階段的拜師學藝將於2016年12月5日至12月11日在馬尼拉進行。藝術家導師Viv Corringham將會以她的聲音計劃《Shadow-walks》中的意念為基礎,與5位藝術家學員羅鎧欣、羅國彤、年華、史嘉茵及董永康於馬尼拉進行7天考察,與當地社區會面,並繼續探索以聆聽及聲音作為藝術實踐。

「我期望我們將能夠於馬尼拉接觸一些當地人… 讓當地人向我們展示馬尼拉的不同地方,並邀請藝術家學員以此嘗試創作聲音作品,甚至只是有關聲音的想法… 這一切將有關於把別人的想法詮釋成為你自己的想法。」 Viv Corringham說。


Manila Research Field Trip- Public Presentation 馬尼拉考察之旅- 公眾分享會
10.12.2016 (SAT) | 4pm 

@98B COLLABoratory, First United Bldg, 310 Escolta St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines
Artist-Mentor 藝術家導師: Viv Corringham
Artist-Mentee 藝術家學員: Heidi Law Hoi-yan 羅鎧欣, Berry Law Kwok-tung 羅國彤, Lin Wah 年華, Sze Ka-yan 史嘉茵, Tung Wing-hong 董永康
Participating Artists from Manila 參與藝術家(馬尼拉):
Mariano Batocabe, Rene Bituin, Leslie Ann Cao, Kat Medina, Julius Redillas, Derek Tumala

*Conduct in English 活動以英語進行
Free Admission, No reservation required.

Enquiry 查詢: (Hong Kong 香港) | (Manila 馬尼拉)