Mike Cooper’s Walkman cassette players
Mike Cooper 的隨身聽錄音機

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  • Mike Cooper

  • 2015

My first real “field recordings” were all made on Walkman cassette players that had built-in FM and AM radio in the early 90s – I had (still have) two of them. I not only recorded ambient sounds but also collected radio shows from around the world. I recorded radio shows in Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia onto cassette which I still have. I used some of those early recordings later on some of my “Ambient Exotica” records such as Rayon Hula.

我就是用這部隨身聽錄音機做第一次真正的田野錄音, 它於90年代初内置了AM和FM的收音機,那時我合共有兩部,而到現在我還保存著它們。我不單單錄下周遭的聲音,還錄下了世界上不同國家的電台節目……我把夏威夷、斐濟、大溪地、紐西蘭、澳洲的電台節目用錄音帶錄下。我把這些早期的錄音用了在「Ambient Exotica」的一些唱片,例如Rayon Hula。