My First Radio

Listen 來聽 / / The Radio Series 收音機篇
  • Annie Wan 尹麗娟

  • 2014

“I wanted to have a radio so much when I was in secondary school. At that time, I had a scholarship to support my studies. Each month, my school would give me $60 and I saved up $60 every time. After a period of time, I had enough money to buy a radio…… I remember that I was fussy about the quality of sounds, and I disliked hearing the sounds of speakers being interfered.”

「中學時我很想擁有一部收音機,那時我讀書是拿獎學金的,每個月學校給六十元,我儲起六十元,儲了一段時間就買了一部收音機。記得那時我對聲音是很挑剔的,我不喜歡聽到- 嘶- 哩 – 沙- 啦- 的雜聲。」