found musical score 現成樂譜

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The photographs are taken in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
As i travel around the world I look for images which seem to suggest to me that they are part of a ‘found musical score’ – open to interpretation by musicians skilled in improvising and reading contemporary ‘graphic scores’.
Some of the photographs have words which seem to be instructions others are just graphic images which suggest to me that they should be part of this musical score.
Some are just textures which could be a suggestion of a certain timbre to a musician.

周遊列國時,我尋找那些讓我聯想到「現成樂譜」的 圖像; 這些圖像是開放予擅長玩即興音樂與閱讀當代「圖像記譜」的音樂家去自由發揮。