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“Bending the air, again” is a project that aims to revisit a collection of sound recordings gathered in various places over the years through listening and writing. Sound extracts are selected from my collection, and are explored again as they become the starting point for stories, pieces of writings mixing memories real or fictitious, sonorous or topical elements of these recordings or any other relevant characteristics, as well as any other selected borrowed materials. With Bacon’s “Sylva Sylvarum “(the Forest of forest) as faraway reference, being an attempt to gather histories from observations, experiments and more established borrowed writings, this project creates an experimental form of knowledge taken the form of disparate pieces of writings. Freely borrowing from this particular form of questioning a subject, this project is about the juxtaposition of writing and recording, taking advantage of the acousmatic situation of listening to linger in the sensation again and aiming at providing a vast forest of material of new encounters.

《在空氣中折曲,再一次》透過聆聽及寫作,重新認識過去在不同地方所錄下来的聲音。我重新探索這一系列從錄音收藏選出來的聲音。我重新探索這從一系列從錄音收藏選出來聲音,它們成為了故事的起點。當中的文字是真實或虛構交錯的回憶,暸亮的錄音、話題的元素或與之相關的特徵,還有其他借用的作品。我稍用了培根(Francis Bacon)的《木林集》(Sylva Sylvarum)作為參考,以觀察、實驗及文本借用的方式來整理歷史,《在空氣中折曲,再一次》以寫作來創造出知識富實驗性的一面。任意借用這種特殊方式來反思及懷疑主題,本計劃並列寫作和錄音,於聲音縈繞及再次感受時產生有如幻聽的情況下,為如廣闊森林般的材料提供新的邂逅。

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