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Fiona Lee — walking in a daze

As Fiona Lee’s debut release, the album was recorded during the early days of her auditory journey between 2011 and 2016. The arrangement of the 7 pieces display the interaction of field recordings with electronic music. Audience could learn about how she listens in daily life, performances and sound installations. “Walking in a daze” refers to the state of her listening habits. By mixing soft noise and field recordings, the album expresses emotions and feelings on different spaces and personal memories.

李穎姍首張發行的專輯記錄了她於2011年至2016年間的早期聽覺旅程。這七首曲目呈現了田野錄音與電子音樂間的互動。觀眾可以了解她如何聆聽日常生活、表演及聲音裝置。 “Walking in a daze”是指她的聆聽習慣的狀態。通過混合軟噪聲和田野錄音,專輯傳達她對不同空間及個人記憶的情感和感覺。

13.5 x 13cm
1 CD

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