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Towers of Silence

Malaysian saxophonist Yong Yandsen and Tokyo based Australian drummer launch their first duo CD Towers of Silence released on Malaysian experimental music label Lao Ban.

Recorded at GOK Sound Studio in October 2017, “Towers of Silence” points to a distillation of Yong and Moore’s individual sounds and create a space where ghost tones and sound of unknown origins create rarefied space.

Song list:
1. Towers of Silence
2. Grind Cœur
3. White Liver
4. Dark Crows
5. Black River
6. Quagmire

Yong Yandsen – tenor saxophone
Darren Moore – drums

LaoBan Records

14 x 12.5cm
1 CD

For Local Order
Price: HK$100

For Overseas Order
Price: HK$130
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