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Alexandra Spence & MP Hopkins — The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real

Alexandra Spence and MP Hopkins are sound makers living and working on Gadigal land in Sydney, Australia. Using foil, flutes, tuning forks, tones, tapes, tiny bananas, stones, mouths + more, their work explores the spatial and sculptural elements of a practice in experimental sound.

Their debut release, “The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real”, was recorded on the cusp of Spring one evening in 2020, at Tempe Jets; a disused sports club hall in Sydney. During this session, a stationary pair of room microphones were encircled by tables of objects, speakers, instruments, and actions. Additionally, Spence and Hopkins shared a pair of in-ear binaural microphones that they roamed the room with, taking turns to inspect up close, and from afar, each other’s sonic activity. The result is a document that moves through states of amorphous sonic density, rattle and clunk, magnetic drift, and instrumental sounds both trill and tentative.

The album’s title is borrowed from Clarice Lispector’s “The Passion According to G.H”.

released May 15, 2021
Recorded by Alexandra and MP at Tempe Jets.
Mastering by Renato Grieco

Alexandra Spence 和 MP Hopkins 在澳洲悉尼的卡地哥地域生活、工作,製作聲音。利用金屬片、長笛、調音叉、聲調、膠帶、香蕉仔、石頭、嘴巴及更多的,他們的作品探索空間與雕塑元素,如何作為實驗聲音的一種試驗。

他們的首張作品《The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real》,在2020年一個冬末初春的傍晚,於悉尼一個荒廢了的體育禮堂Tempe Jets錄製而成,。在那節錄音,他們放置了一對固定(stationary)室內錄音咪,圍繞著一圈的桌子,上面有各種物件、喇叭、樂器蠢蠢欲動。除此之外,Spence 和 Hopkins 分戴同一對入耳式雙路立體聲(binaural)咪高峰,一起在場內走動,輪流監察對方或近或遠的聲音活動。試驗的結果是為一個紀錄,遊走於無形的聲音密度、霹靂啪啦、磁場流動、以及懸而未決的顫抖樂聲。

唱片名稱取自巴西小說家Clarice Lispector 的《G.H. 所謂的激情》。

由Alexandra及MP於Tempe Jets錄製
由Renato Grieco作母帶後期製作

10 x 7cm
7 Tracks

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