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Edwin Lo — Rabbit Traveloge: Central Region

Wandering in different places or spaces to collect soundscape in Central and Sheung Wan, Edwin Lo, in Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region, observes, relates, and questions the central value of using sound as an archival and creative practice. By continuously recording and observing places around these areas, this project aims at portraying different possibilities on understanding, constituting and examining the places where the artists had been. Through attentively listening to places and site-specific events, how does the artist go deeper in search of the so-called ‘Central value’ in its other side of memories and emotions ?

在香港各處遊走,收集中環和上環的聲景,Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region試圖用聲音去觀察、聯繫、質問所謂的“中環價值”,描繪出能理解、構造、評判中上環的不同可能性。細心聆聽這個地方上的人和事以後,藝術家們怎樣更深入地探索中環價值背面的回憶和感情呢?

15 X 13cm
CD 2010

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