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Yannick Dauby, Jérôme Joy, Julien Ottavi — pefalm (pizMO)

Micro-Stereo Improvised Event; Computer-programmed by Yannick Dauby; Performed by Jérôme Joy; Recorded at Logoscope (Monaco) on the 1st of September, 2001; The members of PizMO include Yannick Dauby, Jérôme Joy, Julien Ottavi.

微型立體聲即興演出;由Yannick Dauby以電腦程式編制;Jérôme Joy演出;於2001年9月1日在摩納哥的Logoscope錄製;PizMO的成員包括 Yannick Dauby, Jérôme Joy 以及 Julien Ottavi。

13 x 12.8cm
CD 2003

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