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Anson Mak — One-Way Street On A Turntable
麥海珊 — 《唱盤上的單行道》

According to Anson Mak, this movie traces personal histories from spatial memories. Inspired by philosopher Walter Benjamin’s One-Way Street, the movie wanders in the past and present of Hong Kong, showing old promotional video produced by British colonial government and two real stories from a local Hong Konger and a new immigrant. It’s difficult for immigrants to treat Hong Kong as home, while local people are losing a sense of rootedness due to urban development and the rapidly changing environment. This movie raises questions of identities, belonging and movement…


18.5 x 13.5cm
DVD 2007
In Cantonese/English/ Mandarin
廣東話/ 英文/ 普通話
Chinese/English Subtitles

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