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Anson Mak — On The Edge Of A Floating City, We Sing
麥海珊 — 在浮城的角落唱首歌

A reflexive documentary about the notion of freedom via spatial stories and local indie music.

Ah P from My Little Airport performs “rm1210” in various streetscapes in Kwun Tong area to tell how unreasonable rents and situations have become due to the “revitalisation policy” of the government.

Dejay from The Pancakes chose Shek Yam Estate where she lived as a kid. Revisiting lost space echoes with memories. The imagined space narrates her childhood stories. Together with the photos and stories from other Shek Yam residents, we see how they creatively invented plays within limited space that tell so much about Hong Kong in its 70’s and 80’s.

Billy from Mininoise chose the square outside Hong Kong Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui. The sculpture and the square has turned into a place symbolises freedom. And indeed, the square is a free space. Since 1999, Billy has been playing the same song every year in the concert at the square. It is not a song about the past but, the future.

由空間的故事和本地獨立音樂出發,在浮城的角落反思自由。My Little Airport 的Ah P在牛頭角的街頭巷尾,唱出《rm1210》。The Pancakes的Dejay回到石蔭邨,在經已失落的空間重游兒時故事,從舊街坊的照片之中,看見孩子在有限空間的無限想像。迷你噪音的Billy來到尖沙嘴文化中心旁的廣場,在「異議聲音」中演出《記號》,在悲傷中展望未來。對自由的不同實踐,在這三個地方穿梭往來,我們在經驗它,我們在生活它……在香港。

19 x 13.5 cm
DVD 2012
In Cantonese
Chinese/English Subtitles

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