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Pisces Iscariots – Dajuin Yao + Li Jianhong + Yan Jun — Live at 2pi festival 2004
背信棄義的雙魚座人 – 姚大軍 + 李劍鴻 + 顏峻 — 2pi 音樂節2004現場

Pisces Iscariots is formed by Dajuin Yao, Li Jianhong and Yan Jun, 3 Pisces. This was the first time for them to collaborate together at 31st Bar in Hangzhou in November, 2004 during the 2pi festival. It is recorded live by Li Ruyi, a Pisces.

They are 3 representative figures of China’s contemporary music, as active critic and promoter (both Dajuin Yao and Yan Jun), as an underground music player (Li Jianhong), and of course as musician/sound artist in different direction (electroacoustic/musique concrete, hardware noise, electro-acoustic improvisation).

2pi festival is an annual noise/sound art festival curated and produced by Li Jianhong and 2Pi Records in Hangzhou since 2004.


他們三位是中國當代音樂的代表人物 – 兩位活躍的樂評人/策劃人(姚大鈞、顏峻),加一位資深地下戰士(李劍鴻),三位在不同方向的音樂(電子原音、硬件噪音、電聲即興)發展他們自己的音樂和聲音藝術。


12.4 x 12.4cm
CD 2006

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